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Why can I not buy in the Web Shop?

The web shop is divided into an unrestricted and a restricted area (login required). In the unrestricted area, all visitors can search our portfolio and get product information. However, buying is only possible in the restricted area after login.
The restricted area is exclusively for customers of the NORMA Distribution Center GmbH in Marsberg. After login, our customers see their individual pricing information, can check availabilities, place orders and can use all service function like re-ordering, quick ordering and drop shipments.

How can I buy in the Web Shop?

In order to buy in the NORMA Group web shop, you need to be a distributor and a customer of the NORMA Distribution Center GmbH in Marsberg. If you have already your access data, simply login here and start shopping. If you are not registered for the shop yet, you can request your login data here or you can contact your personal NORMA Group representative.

If you are a distributor, buying group or another type of re-seller and would like to become a customer of NORMA Group, please contact us through the Contact Form or call us at +49 (2992) 907 191. Professional or private end users can buy our products at distributors. We ask you for your understanding that we do not sell directly. However, we would like to invite you to contact us in case you would like to know where to buy our products.

I have a technical issue, where can I find help/support?

If you have any questions or require technical assistance, please get in touch with us through the Contact Form. For immediate assistance you may call us at +49 2992 907 191 (from 9:00 – 12:00, Mon – Fri, or leave a message with your feedback on the answering machine).

I am already a customer of yours. How can I buy in the shop?

Please, fill the Registration Form. We will review your request and get back to you as soon as possible.

Why can’t I buy your products as a consumer?

NORMA Group is a manufacturing company and our way to market is exclusively via trusted distributors. The role of our distributors is to offer you products in small packaging sizes, with short lead times and individual consulting. This way we can focus on our core competences: Engineering the best joining and fixing solutions and producing them at an unparalleled quality level. That is also why our web shop is exclusively for distributors and re-sellers. However, we would like to invite you to contact us in case you would like to know where to find our products.


What does “desired delivery date” mean?

During the checkout process, you have the option to select a “desired delivery date”. After your purchase you will receive an order confirmation by email with the expected delivery date. Please mind that the expected delivery date can deviate from the “desired delivery date” that you had entered.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs are not shown during the ordering process or in the order confirmation that you receive. The shipping costs will be added to the invoice in accordance with your contract with NORMA Distribution Center GmbH.

Can I have my order sent to another address?

Yes, you can have your order sent to another address, even drop shipments are possible If you want to send your order to a different location, simply add the address during check out. If you want to make a drop shipment, you enter the delivery address of your customer and upload your personal delivery note during check out. Please mind that only shipments within the Schengen area are possible.

Where can I see the status of my order?

This shop feature is not ready yet. We are currently working on it and will launch it most likely in June 2020.

How can I order faster?

There are two ways for you to order faster in the NORMA Group Web shop:

  1. You can repeat any previous order by logging in and clicking on the “Re-Order” icon you see on the top right of the page. You will see all your orders and an option to re-order any one of them.

  2. You can use our “Quick Order” function which will allow you to order a lot of different products within minutes: Log in, click on the “Quick Order” icon on the top right corner, and simply enter the article numbers and amounts of all the products you want to order.


Where can I find a distributor that sells NORMA products?

Please contact us and we will inform you about distributors in your area.

What is the quality level of your products?

NORMA Group works to an absolute standard of quality that we first and foremost set on ourselves. Here, safety and environmental performance are the drivers. We proudly bear all relevant international certificates and ISO standards. For our production we are using material stringently sourced from trusted suppliers. To this end, we do not hesitate to build our own machines and tools if necessary, in order to ensure that we achieve the outstanding results we are after.

Where can I learn more about NORMA Group?

We invite you to visit more NORMA Group websites to learn about the solutions we offer to specific industries:

  1. Automotive Aftermarket:Automotive Aftermarket Website

  2. Water Management:NORMA Water Management Irrigation
    and NORMA Water Management Drainage

    For general information about NORMA Group, please visit our corporate website: NORMA Group Website

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