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Domestic & Light Industrial Sump Pumps

SM-CW Drainer

The SM-CW250A and SM-CW750A Sumpmate are automatic plastic submersible pumps with float switches for clear water. Equipped with a very thin pump base, these pumps can drain the water level to 1mm.
The clear water Sumpmate range can be used for garden irrigation or for draining pooled watered from burst mains, pond water, pool water and rainwater tanks or barrels with debris under 5mm.


SM-DW Drainer

The SM-DW400A and SM-DW750A Sumpmate are your go to pumps for draining after flooding, general irrigation, liquid transfer and many other applications where the water is dirty or considered ‘grey’.
Fully submersible to an impressive 7m, these pumps are capable of passing solid non-abrasive debris up to 35mm without clogging. They feature complete automatic operation via the float switch, ensuring your pump never runs dry and will not overheat.


DOMO Series Drainer

The DOMO Series is a Stainless Steel submersible pump with multiple impellers and float switch for clean water use. This pump is capable of a maximum head of 40m, which is suitable for in-tank installation for double storey homes. The DOMO Series can also be used with an electronic controller for pressure system applications.

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Submersible Sump Pumps: SM-CW, SM-DW & DOMO Series

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